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RED WIRE BLUE WIRE hits Irish screens in unique, guerrilla release.

For immediate release

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01/08/2006 - Dublin - Brothers Gonna Work It Out Ltd. have released their short film RED WIRE BLUE WIRE in a way that has never been done before in Ireland.  And perhaps anywhere else. By purchasing screen time from Carlton Screen Advertising they are showing the film to audiences in the largest and best cinemas in Ireland. It's the first short film ever to be screened in Irish cinemas by buying advertising time.

“We're really breaking new ground with RED WIRE BLUE WIRE by taking control of its release and distribution in this way,” said Jason Butler, the film's director, co-writer and producer.

The premiere/launch event was held at the Savoy 1, Dublin, attended by the cast and crew, and invited guests from the Irish film industry. The screening was greeted by rapturous applause and a reception followed in the Gresham Hotel.

The 60-second film was funded by the filmmakers themselves and the pioneering, innovative method of getting their short into cinemas reflects this positive, pro-active attitude to filmmaking. Jason added, “A lot of Irish films, especially shorts, often don't get enough exposure or don't get shown on really big screens, like the Savoy 1. The big screen experience is what made us want to be filmmakers in the first place so it's natural to screen our film there. And actually the costs are relatively modest.”

RED WIRE BLUE WIRE will screen all week in the Savoy 1, Dublin before moving to cinemas around the country.

With 60 seconds left and the clock relentlessly counting down, this intensely paced action-comedy follows two bomb disposal experts as they rapidly run out of time. Don't blink!

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About the Director
Jason Butler is a founding director of Brothers Gonna Work It Out Ltd. RED WIRE BLUE WIRE is their first film. Jason previously won Europe's largest screen writing prize, the Oscar Moore Award, for his co-written comedy screenplay “Ton of Money”. He has recently been commissioned to write a drama for RTE and won the Variety "Pitch me" event at the Cannes Film Festival. He is also founder of, a new networking space for Irish filmmakers.

Jason Butler
+353 87 6799943

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